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Brand: Magica


    Magica Hand Sanitizer Spray 8oz is specially formulated according to the World Health Organization’s guidelines issued during the COVID-19 public health crisis. It is prepared using the World Health Organizations recommended formula with a minimum of 75% isopropyl alcohol. It can also be sprayed on paper towels for wiping down hard surfaces!

    Magica Hand Sanitizer is an extremely effective hand sanitizer designed to combat COVID-19 and is effective at reducing bacteria on skin that could potentially cause disease.

    Magica Hand Sanitizer Features and Benefits:

    Effective hand sanitizer that does not require hands to be rinsed with water after use
    Formulated in compliance with WHO requirements for an effective hand sanitizer
    Free flowing liquid allows for liberal and even coverage of hands
    Contains moisturizers to prevent drying of hands

        Magica Hand Sanitizer Uses and Applications:

        Magica contains ethanol and isopropyl alcohol as the active ingredient with a moisturizer to offer a fast drying, highly effective hand sanitizer. Magica is appropriate for use in health care facilities, food processing facilities, industrial settings, and for general consumer use. The low viscosity formulation allows for a variety of applications including spray applications.

          Typical Values:

          Form: Colorless
          Odor: Alcohol
          Specific Gravity @ 60°F: 0.837
          Ethanol (V/V): 80%

          Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 8.5 in 

          Weight: 8 oz