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    KID Wind Hydro 12-48 VDC comes with the UL458 marine supplement, THE KID meets very strict vibration, environment, and thermal requirements.

    KID Wind Hydro comes standard with wall mounting bracket. Model number MNKID-B for the Black standard and MNKID-W for the White standard version. Standard versions can be cut into the wall for a flush mount assembly and also come with a surface mount wall adapter to mount on the wall.

    Comes Bundled with one of the 4 choices of clipper options, We offer 0.4, 1, 1.6 and 4 ohm clipper options. The KID Clipper is designed to control Hydro or Wind turbines and work with the KID to charge your battery. The Clipper communicates with the KID to slow the turbine when the batteries are full as well as provide overvoltage protection in the case of high wind or flow scenarios.

    AGS (Auto Generator Start)
    The Kid is the first charge controller in the industry to feature a two-wire Automatic Generator Start (AGS) as standard equipment. The KID detects when the generator is running by simply watching battery voltage over time. No extra wires or voltage sensing is required making installation a snap.


    KID Wind Hydro Features:

    • AGS (Auto Generator Start)
    • MPPT Tracking
    • Type 1 environmental rating
    • Up to 150V input
    • 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V battery output
    • Up to 30 amps battery output
    • No fan
    • Reverse polarity protected
    • Battery Temp Sensor included
    • Front panel exchangeable fuses for battery and input.
    • 3 LED bar graph for battery status at a glance
    • Keypad for access to extensive menu items and set points
    • Includes wall mount adapter, Boat mount bracket available as an accessory
    • Sealed for harsh environments
    • Built in Arlington, WA USA
    • Warranty - 5 yrs.

    Part Numbers:

    • MNKID-HWBC0.4
    • MNKID-HWBC1.0
    • MNKID-HWBC1.6
    • MNKID-HWBC4.0
    KID Wind/Hydro information:
    PDF KID Clipper Manual
    PDF Wind KID Specsheet
    PDF KID Wind/Hydro Controller Manual