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Here to help you celebrate a lovely 4th of July, eMarine brings you a fantastic deal on all Victron items! Victron Energy, a long-time name in the marine and solar industry, represents quality, efficiency, and peak reliability when you need it most. For a limited time, use the cart code VICTRON at checkout to receive a 10% discount on all Victron items! Code can be used online, over the phone, or in person.

Offer will end on 7/11/2023!

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VICTRON INVERTER CHARGERS are top-of-the-line energy solutions for your battery charging and power inversion needs. A boat needs an intelligent power grid that can adapt to any challenges you may encounter on the water. With unparalleled reliability, and at competitive value, freedom and independence has never been more attainable.

Victron Inverters and Inverter Chargers
Victron Battery Chargers

VICTRON BATTERY CHARGERS set out with a single goal: to make battery charging an approachable, flexible routine. Whether you're looking to trickle charge auxiliary batteries, or you're aiming to keep your hefty battery bank topped up during transit, Victron has got options to help you charge your perfect renewable energy system!

VICTRON LI-ION BATTERIES push bold goals in both marine and land applications. With extensive Bluetooth and mobile app integration, monitor your batteries by mobile device or remote display from anywhere. Just as well, with the new SuperPack series, Victron is dedicated to helping you achieve your li-ion dreams, no matter your level of experience in the market.

Victron 12.8V 200Ah Smart Lithium Ion Battery and Victron 12.8V SuperPack Lithium Ion Battery
Victron Solar Charge Controllers

VICTRON CHARGE CONTROLLERS are one of Victron Energy's mainstay products. Indeed, as the demand for renewable energy grows, so must the technology to govern its capture. VICTRON CHARGE CONTROLLERS capture solar input using MPPT technology and ensure maximum energy harvest in any situation, signifcantly minimizing risk of damage to equipment.

RENOGY SMART LIFEPO4 BATTERIES are designed to be drop-in replacements of deep-cycle lead-acid batteries with a standard BCI group size. Manufactured with automotive-grade battery cells, it offers excellent cycle life expectancy, even under high and varied loads. The battery features Bluetooth connectivity, and utilizes the ultra-safe LiFEPO4 li-ion battery chemistry.

Renogy 100A-hr LiFEPO4 Lithium Ion Battery

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