• 50A AC continuous rating
  • Use on any shore power connection up to 50A
  • Only one (1) required for dual 30A connections
  • Will work on foreign hook-ups with ground wire
  • Waterproof, can operate underwater
  • No heat produced under normal use
  • Two (2) 18” 10-Gauge marine grade leads included
  • Non-metallic housing with mounting tabs
  • Ignition protected for use in explosive atmospheres, Suitable for operation up to 122°F or 50°C
  • Mounting and connection hardware included
  • One (1) year factory-direct limited warranty
Price: $160.45
SKU: GIY12105

    Hypertech Galvanic Isolator Hookup Diagram


    Battery Combiners are essential for mariners and boat owners seeking a reliable, efficient way to manage their own batteries. Battery Combiners connect two or more battery banks during charging, allowing a single power source to simultaneously charge multiple batteries. This ensures all your batteries stay ready for use.

    Note: This product is only for use with fiberglass and wooden boats. For aluminum boats, consider instead the Hypertech Galvanic Isolator Plus for Aluminum Boats.

    Hypertech Galvanic Isolator Information:
    ADOBE PDF Hypertech Galvanic Isolator Manual
    LINK Hypertech Galvanic Isolator Warranty