Price: $6,875.00
SKU: WGW10007
Brand: Watt&Sea


    Even lighter, more manageable, more hydrodynamic and corrosion resistant.  Result of experience, the new generation of Cruising hydrogenerators and its new features meet the requirements of users, boatbuilders and installers:

    • Available in 2 outputs, 300 or 600 Watts, and 2 lengths, 610mm (24") or 970mm (38")
    • "Brushless" technology and same material on any model
    • Converter 12-24 Vcc auto-detected with an advanced electronic architecture
    • New bracket with its cam positioned closer to the hydrogenerator to hold it firmly immersed or lifted.  The locking and unlocking is possible with just one hand.
    • 2 kg lighter, lifting and removal are even easier
    • Redesigned with optimized hydrodynamic, the generator is in composite with enhanced corrosion resistance.



     Nominal Output  600 Watts - 48 Amperes in 12 Vcc  
     Alternator Technology   Brushless permanent magnet alternator from Leroy Somer : no wear, better output, and light 
     Load Voltage  12 Vcc
     Navigation Program  Cruising, racing, long crossing
     Speed Range of Use  2-14 knots
     Maximum Speed of Use   20 knots
     Leg Length  610mm or 24 inch
     Overall Height with Bracket   920mm or 36 inch
       - Hydrogenerator
       - Controller Converter 

     7.4 kg or 16.3 lbs
     1.5 kg or 3.3 lbs
       - Leg
       - Generator
       - Propeller/Blade

     Propeller / Blade Supplied  240mm three blade propeller
     Optional Propeller  200mm and 280mm propeller
     Cable Length  2 meters
     Warranty  Hydrogenerators and converters are warranted 2 years





    • 120W production (10A in 12Vcc) from 5 knots
    • Large range adapted to many sailboats and speeds
    • Ultra lights thanks to the brushless alternator developed with Leroy Somer: mounting and dismounting are simplified
    • Propeller is behind the leg, protected from UFO
    • Hydrodynamic design: unperceivable drag, not affecting boat speed
    • Very silent for everybody's comfort
    • Fast and easy to use thanks to a system like on rudder equipped with a cam-cleat

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