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SKU: IVG40054
Brand: Go Power

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    Go Power 1000W 12V - 24V Modified Sine Wave Inverter is a solid choice for most mid-range power needs and it offers 1000 watts of power for operating standard AC appliances on the road.

    Simply plug the item you wish to run into one of the AC receptacles. With an inverter, your AC loads run off your batteries and they can be used any time of day or night without a generator.

    Go Power 1000W GP-1000 Features:

    • Will run Kitchen Appliances: coffee makers, blenders and microwaves
    • Will run Office Equipment - computers, printers, fax machines and monitors
    • Will run Consumer Electronics - TVs, VCRs, stereos, lighting, fans, DVD players and satellite dishes
    • Powerful and economical
    • Light-weight, innovative and compact
    • 1 year warranty.
    Go Power GP-1000 Documents:
    PDF GP-1000 Manual
    PDF GP-1000 Specsheet