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    GFO Packing, 3/8 in.(10 mm) 2 foot

    GFO fiber dripless packing is a braided propeller and rudder shaft packing that you can install and forget about. After 15 years of successfully handling demanding industrial pump applications, it's now proving itself in the marine field, too. It's already being used by the US Navy and Coast Guard and many commercial work and fishing fleets. And, it's approved by the American Bureau of Shipping.

    Easy to install No grease, no mess. Just cut the rings to length and install them in the stuffing box. Make maybe one adjustment to the gland follower after a short run-in, and never tinker with the stuffing box again. You'll rarely need to make any adjustments, and the Gore dripless packing will last for years.

    Installation Instructions

    • Open the stuffing box
    • Remove the old packing completely
    • Check the new packing and make sure it's the proper size
    • Check the condition of the shaft. Any burrs or sharp areas must be repaired prior to installation
    • Wrap GFO fiber packing around the shaft, wherever it's easily accessible, and cut each ring. Or use a mandrel the same size as your shaft to cut rings
    • Install GFO fiber packing in the stuffing box one ring at a time making sure that you stagger the joints approximately 90o. It is essential that the ends of the rings meet cleanly at the joint. (Do not add grease or other lubricants - these can hinder performance.)
    • Tighten the packing gland until it is snug. Do not overtighten.After about one or two hours of running time, check the stuffing box for leakage, and make a final adjustment to attain minimum leakage. (There should be virtually no leakage.)