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    The Freedom XC Inverter Charger offers premium performance in a lightweight compact package. It cranks out full output in invert or charge mode from -4°F - 104°F for operation in all climate temperatures.

    The extended surge rating of the Freedom XC makes it ideal to start difficult loads including fridge and microwave. The quick connect terminals at AC IN/OUT make installation a breeze.

    Freedom XC Key Features:

    • Extended Surge Rating
    • True Sine Wave AC Power
    • Ignition Control
    • Wide 10-18 VDC Input Range
    • Programmable AC Under-Voltage (85-110VAC) Shutdown
    • Built-in 30A AC Transfer Relay

    Freedom XC Built-in Charger Features:

    • Power Factor Corrected Multi-Stage Charging
    • Programmable
    • Battery Equalization
    • Dead Battery Charging Down to 0 Vdc
    • Power Share
    Freedom XC Series:
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