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    CruzPro CS60 Quad Clocked Switch can switch up to 4 amps per circuit (16 amps total) under control of an accurate digital clock.

    The CruzPro Round CS60 can be programmed to automatically switch each circuit ON and OFF up to 3 times per day per circuit or periodically switch each of the four circuits ON and OFF for different time periods.

    For example:

    You can program a circuit to turn ON at 7:00 PM and turn OFF at 2:00 AM or program one or more circuits to switch ON for 5 minutes every hour or 20 hours ON and 4 hours OFF, etc.

    Mix and match automatic ON/OFF control for some of the circuits with periodic ON/OFF control for the other circuits. You can also switch each of the four circuits ON and OFF manually using the front panel push buttons.

    The CS60 can be told to beep every time it switches a circuit ON or OFF automatically or work silently.

    With the CS60 Quad Clocked Switch can be use to control 12V lights, automatically turn on FAX receivers and radios, run bait tank pumps to pump fresh water periodically or refrigeration heat exchangers, sound fog horns, etc

    Model #

    CS60R Round

    CS60S Square

    CruzPro CS60 Quad Specifications:

    Operating Voltage: 

    • 9.5 - 315.0 VDC 

    Current Drain: 

    • 0.018 amps nominal
    • 4 amps per circuit
    • 16 amps maximum

    Operating Temperature: 

    • 32 to 122 deg F (0 to 50C)


    • Clock
    • Accurate - 3 seconds per day maximum error (adjustable).
    • Automatic switching for four circuits.Automatic switching of each circuit ON/OFF up to 3 times/day.
    • Unlimited "Periodic" cycling (i.e. ON 5 minutes, OFF 25 minutes, etc.).
    • Manual ON/OFF switching.


    • 4 digit LCD
    • 5 levels of backlighting


    • 2.5" dia X 4.1" deep (65mm x 104mm)


    • 2-1/8" (54mm) round hole

    CruzPro CS60 Connection Diagram

    CruzPro CS60 Quad Clocked Switch Connection Diagram


    CruzPro CS60 Information:
    Airdolphin Pro 48V Brochure CruzPro CS60 Manual