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    CruzPro CH60 Intelligent Chain Counter Windlass Controller advises how much chain is out, displays windlass battery voltage, slows windlass, NMEA 0183 data output, etc.

    The CH-60 chain counter can be programmed to back-jog the chain a few links when you remove your finger from the UP button, removing tension off the chain, capstan and windlass gears increasing windlass life and automatically "parks" the chain into a chain stopper.


    CH-60R Round

    CH-60S Square

    CruzPro CH60 Specifications:

    Operating Voltage: 

    • 6.5 - 33.0 VDC 

    Current Drain: 

    • 0.018 amps nominal

    Operating Temperature:

    • 32 to 122 deg F (0 to 50C).


    • Display Rode
    • Display Windlass Battery Voltage
    • Slow anchor when approaching bow roller
    • Programmable Rode deployment
    • Auto UP/DOWN function
    • Automatic backjog to release tension off gears
    • Auto JAM detecte

    Data Output:

    • NMEA 0183 serial 4800 BAUD

    NMEA Data:

    • Anchor rode, Feet, Meters, FathomsWindlass Battery Voltage, 6.5-33.0 VDC

    Solenoid Drive Capability:

    • Activates UP/DOWN reversing solenoids drawing up to 2.5 amps


    • 4 digit LCD5 levels of backlighting Feet, Meters or Fathoms Windlass battery voltage


    • 2.5" dia X 4.1" deep (65mm x 104mm).


    • 2-1/8" (55mm) round hole

    CruzPro CH60 Connection Diagram

    CruzPro CH60 Diagram


    CruzPro CH-60 Information:
    Airdolphin Pro 48V Brochure CruzPro CH60 Manual