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    Blue Sky SC30 12V-30A

    The SC30 is the most affordable and basic PWM charge controller for a wide range of applications.

    The SC30 is a feature-rich, entry-level solar charge controller that packs new benefits into a traditional solar charge controller at a more competitive price point. Made in America (the U.S. and Mexico), Blue Sky Energy’s 12V, 30A SC30 features a three-stage charge control, fully user-adjustable digital set points, a manual or automatic equalize function, a solar charge amp-hour counter, and an automatic night time dimming display.

    In addition, the high performing SC30 meets rigorous standards for durability and reliability and offers a five-year warranty compared with the standard one-year warranty offered by other manufacturers.

    Sun Charge Controller 30
    The SC30 solar charge controllers regulate the transmission of power from solar panel to battery safely and efficiently to promote the longevity of the battery and the entire off-grid solar system, supporting up to 450W of 12V solar panels.

    • Three-stage charge control: The SC30’s sophisticated three-stage PWM charging algorithm matches the output of the charger with the battery during the charging process.
    • Advanced fully user-adjustable digital set points
    • Manual or automatic equalization: This added SC30 function periodically conditions the battery to improve battery performance.
    • Solar charge amp-hour counter: The SC30 comes enabled with a tracking function to monitor the amount of amp-hours delivered to the battery.
    • Five-year limited warranty

    Wall Mount box option available