Battery Isolators - Low Cost Is Not High Quality

Lower cost battery isolators may seem attractive on the surface but in reality they will not provide the reliability or durability necessary in tough environments and to meet the demands of a typical commercial, emergency or marine applications. When you need your primary starting battery to perform, when the power from the house battery bank is required or when you absolutely depend on your batteries to support your needs, low cost general purpose  isolators will not satisfy!

Here are some of the reasons to purchase a high quality isolator from POWERLINE:

  • Isolation diodes are matched for forward voltage drop assuring equal balance of charging between the battery banks which maximizes the banks performance and life giving you reliability 24/7!
  • Current ratings are for continuous duty operation.
  • Ambient temperatures are rated to 250F, a critical feature to consider when mounting in an engine compartment.
  • Full 2" x 0.25" thick substrate assures maximum heat transfer to the heatsink while eliminating warping allowing for surge conditions to be fully absorbed.
  • High 400 volt PIV diode voltage assures reliability in operation when exposed to battery arcing. This is especially important if your isolator is exposed to sparks from a loose connection or battery jumping situations.

You do not want to be caught in an emergency situation or out in the middle of the ocean or forest  to find that your isolator has failed and left you with dead batteries!