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Brand: Balmar

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    The new Max Charge MC-612-DUAL features a robust platform that is capable of controlling two alternators at once, making it possible to charge larger battery banks and support larger electrical demands with ease. Equipped with the same user-selectable programming options offered with other Max Charge models, the MC-612-DUAL features a unique dual-harness system that simplifies installation, as well as the ability to toggle between dual battery sensing, or dual alternator sensing.

    MC-612-DUAL-H includes two wiring harnesses.

    The Balmar Max Charge MC-612-DUAL-H is designed for use in single engine / dual alternator applications where both alternators are being used to charge the same large battery bank.

    The MC-612-DUAL-H provides two field output connectors, two power input connectors and two system ground connections, making it possible to use two standard wiring harnesses when connecting to two alternators.

    Balmar MC-612-DUAL Info:
    PDF MC-612-DUAL Manual