Price: $67.00
SKU: ATB55023
Brand: Balmar


    The ERS Economy Voltage Regulator is ideal as an emergency back up and mounts easily to an alternator case bolt, and can be used with any externally regulated P-type alternator.

    The ERS-KIT includes the ERS regulator, and a variety of terminal connections that allow modification for a wide range of alternator termination types.

    The regulator includes power, ignition, ground and field wires.

    ERS Regulator Specifications:

    Alternator Compatibility: 12-Volt, P-type Alternator
    Regulation Type: Single-Stage
    Default Voltage: 14.1V
    Voltage Adjustment: No
    Regulator Housing: Metal
    Start Delay: N/A

    Temperature Range: -40 - 125 ̊F

    Typical Field Output: 8A
    Maximum Field Output: 10A
    Dimensions: 2”L x 1.5”W x .50”H
    Ship Weight: 1.0 lbs.
    Balmar ERS Regulator Info:
    PDF ERS Regulator Datasheet