Price: $248.00
SKU: ATB55011
Brand: Balmar


    Balmar Centerfielder II CFII-12/24 with wires is designed for use in applications requiring balanced charge control from two alternators and two regulators on twin engines, the Centerfielder-II makes it possible to utilize the combined output of both alternators to supply optimized charging to a single large battery bank

    The Centerfielder-II is easy to install. You will find, included with the Centerfielder-II, a collection of wiring terminal connectors as well as two fused 12-gauge RED wires required to replace the standard 14-gauge (RED) power wires in the Max Charge regulators’ wiring harnesses.

    Balmar Centerfielder II CFII-12/24 Information:
    PDF Balmar Centerfielder II CFII-12/24 Manual