Price: $310.00
SKU: ATB52050
Brand: Balmar


    Balmar ARS 5 H 12 V Multi-stage Alternator Regulator for externally regulated p-type alternators with 54 inch wiring Harness.

    • Multi Stage Regulator
    • Microprosser Controlled
    • Alternator Temperature Sensing (with Optinal Sensor)
    • Bright Eight Digit LED Color Coded Display
    • Dash Lamp Circuit for Charge/Over-temp indicator lamp
    • Convenient Magnetic Reed Switch Control
    • Corrosion-Resistant Epoxy Potted Circuitry

    Balmar ARS-5-H 12 V Multi-stage Alternator Regulator provides an excellent option for single alternator charging control. It features Alternator and Battery Temperature Sensing.

    Balmar ARS 5 H