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Brand: AERL

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    AERL COOLPRO Cathodic Protection controllers are suitable for use from either an AC mains powered transformer / rectifier DC supply, or directly from a DC (battery) source in applications where photovoltaics are used to supply electrical power to charge a lead-acid storage battery.

    AERL's COOLPRO CATHODIC CONVERTER™ is more powerful and efficient with peak power efficiencies at 98%!! AERL's COOLPRO CATHODIC CONVERTER™ also has a new revolutionary ultra-low heat, high efficiency thermal design, with passive cooling capacity, eliminating the need for cooling fans or bulky heatsinks and making it, therefore, now the most efficient, reliable, compact and lightweight Cathodic Protection Controller on the market.

    More detailed information:

    AERL COOLPRO Cathodic Protection Controller Datasheet

    PDF AERL COOLPRO Cathodic Protection Controller Manual

    2 Year Standard Warranty