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SKU: CCA11100
Brand: AERL


    The AERL COOLMAX SR is a high efficiency, buck only, common positive Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT). It blends the famously reliable AERL power stage with easy to use digital features such as system performance logging, fully configurable alarms and remote system monitoring and control. The COOLMAX SR employs a maximum power point tracking strategy which has been proven to be highly robust, resistant to local extremes, and results in power losses of less than 0.5% over the whole operating temperature range of a PV Array

    AERL COOLMAX SR Maximizer Features:

    • 99% Peak Power Conversion Efficiency
    • High input voltage for lower install cost
    • Superior power advantage and MPPT response
    • Common Positive wiring configuration
    • Synchronous Rectification
    • Front Panel Programmability
    • InteractiveTFT Touch Screen LCD Display
    • Smart Multi-Stage Battery Charging Profile (Bulk, Absorption and Float Stages)
    • Support for Active Battery Temperature Compensation
    • Adjustable for all types of solar cells and battery arrays
    • Support for low battery alarm or automatic low battery switch off circuit
    • Master/Slave Configurability for parallel operation
    • Modules can be paralleled at the output
    • Manual Reset Button
    • Auxiliary Output
    • Over-voltage and Over-current Shutdown Protection
    • CAN OR ModBus communications protocol options
    • RS485 and USB comms ports
    • Remote monitoring capability allows monitoring of:
      • Output voltage
      • Output current
      • Output charge (Ah/day)
      • PV voltage
      • PV current
      • Battery temperature
      • Fault and Error Conditions


    Model Number SRMVW
    Peak Power Efficiency 99%
    Output Current Rating 60A
    Nominal Battery Voltage 24 to 84V
    Maximum Input Voltage 180V
    Maximum Recommended PV Array


    Operating Temperature Range
    -20° to 50°+C
    Self Consumption 100mA @ 20V
    Communication Protocol Options CAN and Modbus RTU
    Communication Ports RS485 & USB
    Enclosure type Indoor Type1
    Master/Slave Capability Yes
    MPPTs can be wired in Parallel Yes
    Weight 8.12 lbs (3.7kg)
    Outer Dimension (L x W x H) 14.02" x 5.24" x 4.09"
    (356 x 133 x 104 mm)
    More detailed information:

    AERL COOLMAX SR MAXIMIZER Wall Mount Datasheet.pdf