Price: $34.95
SKU: LBM30710
Brand: Marinebeam


    18 SMD LED BAY15d Tower Warm White is suitable for masthead (anchor light) and stern lamp applications. Cool White is recommended behind clear lenses because it has a higher luminous output than Warm White.

    Because LED's have a narrow spectrum, we don't recommend using Cool White behind colored lenses because the colors will not be true. Use Warm White for bi-color or tri-color lenses, and use Red or Green behind individual Red and Green lenses.

    Fits Aqua Signal Series 40, 41, 42,& 50 as well as Hella 2984 and Perko 200 Fixtures.

    Replaces Aqua Signal Bulb # 90005, Hella Bulb # 78290 and Perko Bulb # 037512V10W

    Cross References to Hella bulbs:

    8GA 003 488-121

    8GA 003 488-301

    8GA 003 488-131

    8GA 003 488-311

    Voltage: 8VDC - 30VDC Constant-Current Control

    Wattage: 4.5W

    Dimensions: Dia. 28mm x 40mm (+socket)