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    This solar panel has been replaced with the new Sonali Solar 210W panel

    Sun7 Solar 190W Panel Black is designed to withstand harsh conditions from salt, wind, ammonia, snow, hail, and ice. The Sun7 Solar panels provides excellent performance under low light and cloudy conditions.

    The Sun7 Solar panel offers the highest level of purity Black Mono-crystalline Silicon for superior performance over Polycrystalline Panels. Black Reinforced Frames support up to 2400pa Wind Loads a 5400pa Snow Load.

    Ratings: Voltage 36 VDC; Current 5.28 A; Power 190W

    Dimensions: Length 62.20"; Width 31.81", x Depth 2.09"

    Weight: 35.27 lb

    The Solar Panel Kit Includes:

    Sun 7 Solar Info:
    PDF Sun 7 Solar Datasheet