Price: $432.00
SKU: SOL60364
Brand: LG


    The LG NeON™ R LG360Q1C-A5 solar panel is a high-power luxury module designed to deliver long-lasting power, efficiency and reliability.

    This LG 360 W NeON R solar panel uses a state-of-the-art solar cell structure without electrodes on the front. LG maximized the utilization of light and enhanced this solar panel's reliability to new heights with their revolutionary cell design.

    The LG360Q1CA5 features enhanced warranty, durability and performance in real world conditions yet has a sleek aesthetic appeal suitable for roof-mounted solar systems.

    Ratings: 42.7 Volts , 10.79 Amps

    Dimensions: 66.93 in. Length x 40.0 in. Width x  1.57 in. Height

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    LG Solar NeON R LG360Q1CA5 360 Watt PV Module