Price: $2,400.00
SKU: RFI20012
Brand: Isotherm

    The Drawer 55 Frost-Free Freezer is a 1.9 cubic foot stainless steel drawer freezer. This model combines innovative stainless steel design with the most modern technology such as automatic defrost which gives owners the comforts of home on board. The DR 55 F is equipped with an internal fan for temperature constant control and a sequence of 5 LED lights for blue internal light.
    DRAWER 55 Frost-Free Freezer Stainless Steel (INOX)
    TypeDR 55 FREEZER Frost-Free
    Volume (cu.ft.)1.9
    Dimensions H x W x D (inch) 20.9 x 18.5 x 21
    Power Consumption (W/24h)600
    Weight (lbs)66

    The frost-free concept helps to prevent the accumulation of ice inside the freezer and thus keeps energy consumption low. All models equipped with the frost-free concept are extremely economical and save energy on board. 

    Your advantages

    • No ice accumulation for an excellent efficiency increase
    • Exceptional cooling achievement
    • Stable inside temperature
    • Manual defrosting becomes redundant
    • No more unpleasant water pools resulting from manual defrosting