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Fortress eFlex 5.4KWh
Price: $3,910.00
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Item #: BDF80055 -

The Fortress Power eFlex is a 5.4 kWh scalable energy storage solution based on safe and energy dense prismatic Lithium Iron Phosphate cells. The digital processor Battery Management System (BMS) includes high amperage contactor disconnects and advanced closed loop inverter communication, as well as individual cell voltage monitoring, temperature monitoring, and cell balancing to maximize reliability and longevity. Canbus, modbus, and wifi communication enable internet-of-things ...

Fortress eVault Max 18.5KWh
Price: $13,800.00
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Item #: BDF80185 -

Fortress Power proudly services homes, businesses, utilities, telecom and transportation companies worldwide. Our Pennsylvania-based team’s passion for clean energy storage has earned us a place among the world’s top energy storage battery manufacturers. DATA SHEET

Fortress FlexRack
Price: $1,840.00
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Item #: BDF80190 -

Expand your energy storage with the new Fortress Power FlexRack! This iron enclosure stores up to 4 eFlex 5.4kWh batteries. The FlexRack paired with multiple eFlex batteries can build a 48V UPS server rack or provide storage capacity to home solar arrays. The FlexRack includes intergrated busbars, wheels, and a DIN rail heater mount. This enclosure can be free-standing or pad mounted.DATA SHEET