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Brand: e Marine

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    SOLAR PV and WIND Turbine Hybrid Control Panel

    e20 Control Panel provides a single on-board operator station to control and monitor Solar PV and Wind Turbine renewable energy systems. It will support Wind Turbines to 400W and Solar PV panels to 300W (36 cell)/ 250W (60cell) managing upwards of 190 amp-hrs of daily energy production. Designed to work on a nominal 12 Volt system (24V is also available) and can be ordered as a flush mounted Panel or in a water resistant enclosure.

    The e20 is equipped with two primary circuit breakers, digital Power Energy Meter and Stop/Run switch for direct control of the wind turbine and a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Solar PV Boost Charge Controller displaying Solar PV current and battery bank voltage. Status led indicates "state of battery" charge condition. A large terminal block is provided for easy wiring connection. Panel is fully calibrated and ready for installation.

    The e20 is recommended for use with Southwest Wind Power's (or Primus) Air 30 or Air X (400W) wind generator and solar panels rated to 38 Vpp/ 20A.


    • Integrated Dual Main Circuit Breakers
    • Turbine Controls and Energy Production Monitoring
    • MPPT Solar Controller
    • Large, easy hook up terminal block
    • Panel Mount or water resistant enclosure


    • Auxiliary Output - allows powering/controlling a LVD auxiliary load to 25 A or charge an auxiliary battery (such as a starter) up to 2 A or dust to dawn light control to 25 A only from the solar power source
    • Battery temperature sensor


    e20 Enclosed Version – the e20 panel is available in a self-contained enclosure. The enclosure is non-corrosive, water resistant and comes with the e20 panel mounted and sealed.

    Dimensions: 7.5" x 6.1" x 4.0" (190.5mm x 155mm x 101.6mm)