e 10 Wind Turbine Control Panel 48e10 Control Panel 48 Volt Versions
Wind Turbine Control Panel

e10 Wind Turbine Control Panel is a single operator station for managing your onboard wind energy. It is pre-engineered to make wiring the wind turbine easy - just attach two wires from your battery and two wires from the turbine to the clearly labeled large terminals. It could not be simpler. The e10 panel includes a pre-wired "Stop / Run Switch" with noise suppressors, Digital Power-Energy Meter (displays Voltage, Current and Energy production)  and Circuit Breaker. The panel comes complete with instructions and is pre-calibrated and ready to use. Available in panel mount or enclosed versions.

Recommended for use with the Southwest Windpower Air Breeze, Air-X, Rutland 913, Airdolphin or any other wind turbine that has a built-in regulator for use on a 48 V nominal DC system. Turbines without built-in regulators can also be used provided a diversion load controller is installed on the battery bank. Control panel includes Instructions and mounting templete.

Save $$$ on e10 Wind Turbine Control Panel when ordered with an Air-X, Air Breeze or Rutland 913 Wind Turbine combo kits.

e10 Enclosed Version – the e10 panel is available in a self-contained enclosure. The enclosure is non-corrosive, water resistant and comes with the e10 panel mounted and sealed.

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WCP-D Primus Wind Generator Control Panel 12V-48V WCP-D Primus Wind Generator Control Panel 12V-48V
Price: $361.00
Availability: Back Order
e Marine Item #: ELE51165A -

e10 Analog WG Control Panel Enclosure Hammond, 1594EBK, plastic enclosure
Price: $38.00
Availability: Back Order
e Marine Item #: EPE70015A -

This heavy duty plastic electronics enclosures is made with acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).  It meet IP54 standard, and the Watertight Version meets IP65 standard.  This enclosure has an UL 94 HV Flammability rating. This enclosure comes with its  faceplate cut out to meet the requirements for the e10 panel allowing for direct drop-in mounting. In also  provided are 2 wire bushing and 6 matching sets of hardware to mount the e10 analog meter. There are no pre-drilled...

e10 Wind Turbine Control Panel 5-40A Wind turbine control panel 12VDC, control panel for Air Breeze, control panel for Rutland 913
Price: $184.00-$230.00
Availability: Back Order
e Marine Item #: ELE51150 -

We are pleased to offer a series of low cost analog control panels to support on-board wind turbines. It is easy to install and will result in a professional operator station enhancing the beauty and value of your vessel, RV or remote home . It helps to reduce installation costs and makes wiring a snap with just 4 wires to connect. The e10 panel is available in four sizes (5A, 10A, 25A & 40A) that will support 12-48V DC system. The e10 CONTROL PANEL operates and monitors the wind turbine. It...