Web Catcher Wi Fi Antenna Kit by SILENTWIND is specially designed for sailboats and is the perfect solution to establish a fast and reliable WLAN connection.

Web-Catcher Wi-Fi Antenna Kit

Most marinas, and ports, campsites or hotels offer WLAN service, either free of charge or on subscription. In order to use this service at a long distance, inside your boat or camper, the Silentwind WEB-Catcher LAN Antenna which enables you to surf the net at any time, even if the signal strength is weak and the access point  / hotspot is up to four nautical miles away. 

The combination of the antenna with the WLan router generates a hotspot aboard your boat, providing you with the remote internet signal for all your devices: notebook, WiFi printer, tablet or smartphone.

WEB-Catcher Wi-Fi Antenna Kit by Silentwind

Web-Catcher Wi-Fi Antenna Kit Main Advantages:

  • Highly responsive and long range antenna, up to 7 km (under optimal conditions)
  • User friendly and preconfigured router and antenna stick software
  • Adjustable transmission range using specific software
  • LAN cable included, from 10 to 30 meters (up to 80 meters possible)
  • Data transmission by LAN cable, without losses due to RF cables
  • Electronics inside the antenna housing
  • High quality and robust materials 
  • Shock resistant waterproof plastic housing, IP66
  • GRP Antenna tube with metal fittings
  • Designed for easy installation without additional tools


Web-Catcher Wi-Fi Antenna Kit WLAN Hotspot Diagram:

Web-Catcher Wi-Fi WLAN Hotspot Diagram


Web-Catcher WI-FI Antenna Kit Documents:
PDF  Web-Catcher Wi-Fi Antenna Manual
PDF  Web-Catcher Wi-Fi Specs


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