Torqeedo Electric DriveTorqeedo Electric Drive is, by far, the market leader in the fast growing electric outboard motor industry.

As the pioneer in the area of high-tech electromobility on the water, Torqeedo have set many new standards with their motors in comparison to all other solutions on the market since 2005.

The lithium ion battery packs/batteries provide the ultimate in electric drive power, eliminating the need for dangerious/smelly gasoline to be handled and stowed.

Torqeedo Electric Drive and sophisticated electronic controls provides accurate information of propulsion capacity based on the battery information. The quick charge capabilities make for easy refueling when it becomes necessary.

The addition of a solar panel allows for direct onboard recharging of the outboard without the need or hassle of having to move the battery pack to a charging source.

This is the new generation product that cruisers have sought for over the years. The Torqeedo Product Line is well-designed and very user-friendly.

Authorized Torqeedo Dealee Marine Systems is an Authorized Torqeedo Dealer in The U.S., please feel free to contact us if further assistance is needed.