Sunforce 600W Marine Wind TurbineThis Sunforce 600W Marine Wind Turbine is designed for marine applications and is great for cottages, sailboats, docks, boathouses and more. Low-noise aerodynamic fiberglass blades feature a weatherproof, industrial-strength design and are designed to operate at low wind speeds, beginning operation at 4 MPH.

  • Charges 12 Volt battery banks
  • Designed to perform in low wind speeds
  • Weatherproof Marine Grade Industrial Design
  • Corrosion Resistant Powder Coated Aluminum Cast Body
  • Ideal for Salt Water & Marine Applications
  • Patented MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking Charge Controller)
  • Auto-sense type of battery
  • Prevents overcharge and discharge of batteries
  • Low noise aerodynamic fiber glass blades
  • Sold in a variety of kits for easy "Do it Yourself" installation

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