Rutland 914i Wind GeneratorRutland 914i Wind Generator by Marlec is the latest and most powerful prime model, which intelligently uses Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to optimize the generator operation to perfectly match the speed of the turbine thereby achieving a highly efficient and reliable power output.

Marlec knows that harsh environments requires durable and reliable wind turbines, that's why the Rutland 914i was build keeping in mind the Offshore, Oil & Gas, Mining, Railroad and Telecom applications.

Marlec's Rutland 914i have achieved the power production increase through the use of modern electronic controllers programmed to intelligently match the characteristics of the generator to the constantly varying speed of the micro wind turbine.

Thus they are able to extract more power from the same "swept area" of blades for our customers while the resulting increase in efficiency also brings less wear and tear on the components in demanding conditions.


Rutland 914i Wind Generator Maintenance Video:



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