Rutland 1200 Wind TurbineThe new Rutland 1200 Wind Turbine it's here to stay. Once in a while we find a manufacturer that seems to get the combination of product design and performance right.

The new Rutland 1200 Wind Turbine reflects this and more. The 500 W rated wind turbine outputs wild 3 phase AC to the down mast controller. The hybrid controller is easily programmed and will allow direct connection of solar PV input (also with MPPT a great new feature) to be directly connected.

Best of all it is able to support charging two on board batteries allowing for main house and starter battery to be recharged.

Rutland 1200 Videos:

Installing the Rutland 1200 Windcharger

Rutland 1200 Windcharger Blade Assembly Fitting

Rutland 1200 Nacelle Removal and Refitting

Rutland 1200 Windcharger Bench Testing

Rutland 1200 Hybrid MPPT Controller

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Temp sensor for Rutland 1200
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Temp Sensor for Rutland 1200 Wind Generator controller

Rutland 1200 Wind Turbine & Hybrid MPPT Charge Controller Rutland 1200, Marlec Rutland 1200, CA-06/01, CA-06/02, 500 Watt Generator
Retail: $1,599.00
Price: $1,533.00-$1,553.00
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The Rutland 1200 Wind Turbine & Hybrid MPPT Charge Controller is a 500 Watt rated (12 or 24VDC) with a powerful but quiet operation of the new Tri-namic Blade that brings together low wind speed start up with high wind speed power performance and almost silent running across all wind speeds. It is the ideal companion for generating energy on a boat, RV or off grid home. What we like about this wind generator is its three phase (three wire) output which allows for lower-cost long run...

Rutland 1200 Remote Digital Display Rutland Remote Digital Display 1200, Rutland 1200 Remote Digital Display, Remote Digital Display
Price: $149.00
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The new Rutland 1200 Remote Digital Display is designed to be conveniently located on board, you can view the actual performance, operating condition and remotely shutdown. Thee Rutland Remote Digital Display offers a number of optional screens for continuous display: wind power generation, solar generation or the default screen where both these, battery voltages and charge status are displayed. Rutland Remote Digital Display Specs Push buttons simply scroll through the screen and access...

Rutland 1200 Controller
Price: $698.00
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Rutland 1200 ControllerManufacturer Part # CA-07-01

Rutland 1200 Controller Interface Rutland 1200 Controller Interface, CA-07/04
Price: $27.25
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Rutland Item #: WGR50679 -

Rutland 1200 Controller Interface programming dongle and software is used to modify battery charging configuration levels. The Controller Interface can only be used with 1200 charge controller serial number N01905001 or later. Allows for easy programming of different battery specifications including lithium ion types. Manufacturer Part # CA-07-04

Rutland 1200 Brush Kit Rutland 1200 Brush Kit
Price: $78.60
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Rutland Item #: WGR70958 -

Rutland 1200 Brush Kit.  Kit includes 2 housings that hold three brushes each. There are two housings in each wind generator, so the kit allows complete replacement of the wind generator brushes. Inspection and cleaning of commutator ring when changing brushes is highly recommended to assure full long life energy production. Manufacturer Part # SA-10/07