MR11 and MR16 LED BulbsMR11 and MR16 LED Bulbs are traditional halogen directional lamps which have an integral dichroic reflector which reflects visible light forward, but passes the infared heat energy out through the rear of the fixture. Because the LED Cluster replacements give off so little heat, the dichroic reflector is no longer necessary, but our MR11 and MR16 products mimic the original shape of the reflector and overall form factor.

MR11 LED and MR16 LED Bulbs are popular for small reading lamps, overhead spots, and task lighting.

Our MR11 LED Clusters are commonly used in marine applications to replace vertical (or perpendicular) G4 halogens because the MR11's bi-pins will fit into a G4 socket, and their long bell-shape matches up well with most vertical G4 fixtures and reading lamps. If you are replacing a vertical halogen G4, especially in a directional reading light, then you might wish to consider using an MR11 LED Cluster.

The bigger MR16 Clusters use a GU5.3 base, which has pins which are 5.3mm wide (vs 4mm for the MR11 and G4), but will still fit in a G4 socket.