Our Pure Sine Wave Go Power Inverters are the ultimate choice for appliances that demand a clean, pure source for AC power and are available from 150W-3000W.

With Sine Wave Power, your audio, video and electronic equipment will run without buzzing or humming, motors will start more easily and appliances such as microwaves run more efficiently.

Depending on your application, you'll want to choose either a Pure Sine Wave inverter, or Modified Sine Wave inverter. Both types come in a range of sizes and power outputs, but "pure" sine wave inverters are a better choice for running any loads that require an exact replica of AC power. A pure sine wave will run loads such as battery chargers, sensitive test equipment, high-surge corded tools and many other tools and appliances more efficiently.

Use the chart below to decide the inverter you need. Choose the appliance's you need to run, and then match your power needs to the inverters listed along the bottom of the chart. If items will be run simultaneously, ensure you choose an inverter large enough to handle the multiple loads.

Power Chart
Ultimate Combined Power Demands
Typical Combined Power Demands


Coffee Maker








150W 300W 600W 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W