Gioco Solutions developed, patented and manufactures this innovative flexible solar panels with G Wire technology and special techno polymers that allows great efficiency while reducing the weight by 80% compared to a standard glass fixed frame solar panel.

This unique technology of manufacturing combined with photovoltaic full Square polycristalline high efficiency cells - gives these panels the highest output in the world. These features make Gioco Solutions solar PV flexible panels particularly suitable for boats and marine applications, RV, camping, off-grid rural houses. In general for all Stand Alone - Off Grid or On Grid applications and architectural integration.

Gioco also offers a full line of monocrystalline solar PV panels to complement the polycrystalline family.

The flexible design allows the panels to be mounted onto a fixed curved surfaces with a 20% camber. In applications where the panels do not have a non-flexing surface to be attached to, but require their light weight to meet the need, flexible panels can be purchased with backer boards directly from us.