Not all fuses are created equal. Be sure when you select your fuse that it is the correct replacement type and size. Replacement of a larger fuse in place of a smaller one could result in an electrical hazard and possible fire. Always take time in selecting the correct fuse for your needs.

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ATC Fuse ATC Fuse, 15 Amp ATC Fuse, 25 Amp ATC Fuse, 30 Amp ATC Fuse, 35 Amp ATC Fuse
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Used in Automotive and low-voltage control circuits to 32V, Operating Temperature Range -40°C to 100°C, 95% RH non-condensing. Case color indicates amperage rating.  Never replace  a fuse amperage  rating greater than the amperage size being replaced or it may cause physical or personal harm.Ratings:    P/N (amp)     Color codeATC-1           BlackATC-2       &n...

Barrel Fuse 10-30Amp
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e Marine Item #: FSF20300 -

Box of 5, Barrel 1 x 1-1/4"10 Amp, 20 Amp, or 30 Amp.

Class T Fuse
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e Marine Item #: FSF30200 -

CLASS “T” FUSES Offer extremely fast short circuit response making an ideal circuit protector for high amperage electronic components such as inverters. Extremely current-limiting design minimizes the damaging heating and magnetic effects caused by short-circuit currents.   FEATURES • 20,000 Ampere interrupt capacity • 160V DC Maximum • UL Rated for DC applications under UL 198L ...

Fuse CNN 325A/80V for Lynx Shunt
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Victron Energy Item #: FSF30325 -

This is an 80 volt fuse is designed to fit the Lynx Shunt and has slots to accommodate a 3/8″ or 10mm stud.

Maxi Fuse Maxi Fuse, 30Amp Maxi Fuse, 40Amp Maxi Fuse, 50Amp Maxi Fuse, 60Amp Maxi Fuse, 70Amp Maxi Fuse, 30A Maxi Fuse, 40A Maxi Fuse, 50A Maxi Fuse, 60A Maxi Fuse, 70A Maxi Fuse
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e Marine Item #: FSF20100 -

The MAXI fuse uses "Diffusion Phill Technology" to provide predictable time delay characteristics and low heat dissipation.Available in 30A, 40A, 50A, 60A, or 70ASpecifications Voltage Rating 32 VDC Interrupting Ratings 1000A @ 32 VDC Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +125°C (Sn= -40°C to +105°C) Terminals Ag plated zinc alloy ...

MidNite Solar Barrel Fuse
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MidNite Solar Item #: FSF20308 -

Barrel Fuse goes with MidNite Solar MNTS fuse holder (sold separately).Designed to be used with solar panels and provides an excellent, low-cost solution for circuit protection.- Industry standard 10mm x 38mm fuses- Rated to 600VDC- NRTL listed to UL2579

ANL Fuses ANL Fuse, 80A ANL Fuse, 100A ANL Fuse, 130A ANL Fuse, 200A ANL Fuse, 250A ANL Fuse, 300A ANL Fuse, 400A ANL Fuse, 450A ANL Fuse, 500A ANL Fuse,
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Misc Item #: FSF20908 -

ANL Fuse from 80 Amps up to 500 Amps. - Use with ANL Fuse Blocks for many applications with 35-600 AMP loads- Time delay fuse, 80VDC rating- Interrupting Rating: 2,700 AMPs DC, 6,000 AMPs AC - Silver-plated connector blades for corrosion resistance - Visible indication of blown fuse condition - Isolates faults in equipment systems such as Solar Charge Controllers, Inverters and other battery operated systems