When to purchase a modified sine wave inverter?

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(Answer- NEVER!) - 

true sine vs pure sineIt’s awful tempting to purchase a modified sine wave (MSW) inverter when you look at the price comparison (3 to 1 typically) to a true (pure) sine wave inverter (TSW).

You might recall the sine wave looks like from your physics class in high school, well that is not what you get with the MSW inverter output that you purchased because of that tempting low-price. What you will get with the MSW is this course” square looking” wave that is nothing more than abusive to anything is it hooked up to other than a light bulb.

MSW inverters are great for running motors and resistive loads (like incandescent light bulbs). Beyond that you are probably asking for problems. Don’t even consider running things such as plasma TVs, fluorescent lights, power tool battery chargers, dimmable lights or anything that is clock / time related. More than likely the equipment will not work, or if it does it may run hot and burn out. Sometimes equipment connected to a MSW inverter will make an audible noise or in other cases it makes them create electrical noise affecting other pieces of equipment (such as your VHF or SSB radio).

TSW inverters are needed on most electronic equipment for proper operation such as: microwave ovens; TV’s; Computers; cell phone chargers; LED lights and the other huge gamut of products that have some electronics in them (which is mostly what we plug into that 120 V AC wall outlet).

More often than not people that purchase a MSW wind up finding out that their bargain purchase turns out to be an unusable piece of equipment because most of what they want to power will not work.

MSW inverters will make you equipment scream “Stop it… your killing me”.

Save yourself the grief and just commit to a True (Pure) sine wave inverter. Your electronics will work and your equipment will be happy. 

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