Price: $219.00
SKU: SOA20200
Brand: Allesun


    Allesun SPM 200W Solar Panel Mono-crystal silicon with high efficiency solar cells ensure high performance of the solar module and create maximum power output.

    Allesun SPM 200W is designed for high impact resistance and affords superior performance during severe weather-high wind, driving rain, heavy snow and hail. Allison Solar Panels are moisture proof and corrosion–resistant, and are widely used in various electric appliances and instruments in the area, such as grid net, home power system, telecommunications, illumination, transportation etc.

    Volts/Amps: 37.4 Vdc, 5.34A

    Dimensions: 62.20" x 31.81" x 1.37"

    Allesun SPM Information:
    PDF Allesun SPM 200W Datasheet