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Brand: Goal Zero

    Yeti Tank Expansion Battery 1.25Kw integrates with a Yeti Lithium Portable Power Station and Yeti Link Expansion Module to increase your energy storage capacity. Each Yeti Tank lead-acid battery adds 1.2 kWh of energy storage to your system.

    Yeti Tank:

    • Customizable, versatile energy storage system backs up four essential circuits in your home and scales to meet your specific power needs.
    • Our industry-leading battery chaining technology allows you to connect cost-effective lead-acid batteries to our high-quality Yeti Lithium power stations to easily scale your energy storage capacity.
    • Integrate directly with your home's circuits for a more seamless backup power experience. Power everything from lights in high-use rooms and fridges to medical devices, internet modems, and more.

    Part Number: 23100

    Yeti Tank information:
    PDF Goal Zero Yeti Tank Expansion