Price: $160.45
SKU: GIY12105
Brand: Hypertech


    The Yandina Galvanic Isolator blocks DC electrolysis currents from flowing in the ground conductor of your shore power hookup. It provides approximately 1.2 volts of isolation to isolate electrolytic voltages from the dock but yet pass safety currents to ground in the event of a short circuit, or power leakage on your boat.

    Yandina Galvanic Isolator Features:

    • Fail Safe 50 amps AC continuous rating.
    • Use on any shore power connection up to 50 amps.
    • Only one required for dual 30 amp connections.
    • Works on 115 or 230 volt supply, one or two phase.
    • Will work on foreign hook-ups with ground wire.
    • Meets ABYC standards.
    • Waterproof - rated IP68 Protected from long term immersion
    • Fail safe when used with a 50 amp or less circuit breaker
    • No heat produced under normal use.
    • Minimal temperature rise on maximum load.
    • Two 18" 10 gauge Marine Grade leads.
    • Non metallic housing with mounting tabs.
    • Ignition protected for use in explosive atmospheres.
    • Suitable for operation up to 122 F or 50 C
    • Optional additional Capacitor available for heavy AC leakage
    • Mounting and connection hardware included.
    • Very compact size, 4" x 3" x 1.5"
    • Not a toy.
    Galvanic Isolator information:
    PDF Yandina Galvanic Isolator Manual