Price: $26.00
SKU: IVX71002
Brand: Xantrex


    FREEDOM SW Remote Panel


    • Simple ON/OFF switch to operate your Freedom SW Inverter/Charger
    • Compatible with all models of the Freedom SW Inverter/Charger Series
    • Facilitates ignition lockout feature of the Freedom SW to prevent unnecessary battery drain

    The Freedom Remote Panel (remote panel) can be connected to the Freedom SW Inverter via the Remote port on the AC/DC side panel to turn the Freedom SW Inverter ON or OFF from a more convenient location. The remote panel also has the ability to enable/disable the Ignition Lockout feature of the Freedom SW Inverter. When this featur e is enabled, the Freedom SW Inverter will shutdown if the vehicle's ignition is not engaged (not in ACC position) to prevent unnecessary battery drain. The Freedom Remote Panel comes with a 25-ft (7.6-m) communications cable.

    Part Number: 808-9002

    Designed in Canada
    Manufactured in China