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    FREEDOM SW Remote Adapter
    (Phone cable to Xanbus)

    The Freedom SW Remote Adapters (TEL to Xanbus cable) allow Xanbus-enabled devices to establish a Xanbus network using a 4 pin RJ11 (a regular telephone cable) or a 6 pin RJ12 cable (a Xantrex remote cable) that comes supplied and installed in many recreational vehicles and in pleasure crafts.  One adapter is red and the other is black. 

    When installing the Xantrex Freedom SW inverter/charger, normally a new Xanbus network cable (CAT5 patch cable) must also be installed for the inverter to communicate with SCP and other Xanbus devices.  However, the recreational vehicle may already have a control panel installed with a regular telephone cable (or a Xantrex remote cable).  Replacing the existing telephone cable with a new Xanbus network cable may not be practical.  The Freedom SW Remote Adapters present a cost-effective solution to reuse the existing telephone cable to establish a Xanbus network with a new Freedom SW inverter.

    * Compatible with Freedom SW Inverter/Charger Part # 815-2012, 815-2024, 815-3012, 815-3024

    Part Number: 808-9010

    Designed in Canada
    Manufactured in China