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    e10 Control Panel
    Wind Turbine Control Panel

    If you need to control both wind and solar see our e20 PANEL models.

    The e10 Wind Turbine Control Panel  It is pre-engineered to make wiring the wind turbine easy - just attach two wires from your battery  and two wires from the turbine to the large clearly labeled terminals. It could not be simpler. The flush mount panel includes a pre-wired "Stop / Run Switch" with noise suppressors, Digital Power-Energy Meter (displays Voltage, Current and Energy production)  and Circuit Breaker. The panel comes complete with instructions and is pre-calibrated and ready to use.

    Recommended for use with the Southwest Windpower Air Breeze wind, Rutland 913 or any other wind turbines that has a built-in regulator and a output current of 25 amps or less for a 12 V nominal DC system. Turbines with out built-in regulators can also be used provided a diversion load controller is installed on the battery bank. Control panel includes Instructions and mounting templete.

    Save $$$ on e10 Wind Turbine Control Panel when ordered with an Air-X, Air Breeze or Rutland 913 Wind Turbine combo kits.

    e10 Enclosed Version – the e10 panel is available in a self-contained enclosure. The enclosure is non-corrosive, water resistant and comes with the e10 panel mounted and sealed. Three watertight non-corrosive cable connectors are also included. Requires four mounting screws to secure in place (not included). Feed through holes for wire cable clamps must be drilled (13/16”) into the enclosure leaving complete versatility to the installer for wire entry location.

    Mechanical Specifications: 

    Panel Mount Outside Dimensions: 7.44"L x 6.25" H x 3.5"D (Mounts using six #10 screws.)

    Panel Mount Cutout Hole: 6.1" L x 4.75" H

    Enclosure Dimensions: 7"W x 9"L x 5"D

    More detailed information:
    PDF e10 / e20 Cutout Template