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SKU: WHI90001A


    This item has been designed to be a drop-in replacement for the heating element that exists in the Marine hot water tank. It fits into a 1 inch opening and offers two separate heating elements. One is designed to connect to the standard 120 V AC power source and produces 500 W of heat, and the second is designed to connect to the 12V system and produce 300 W of heat.

    The 12V element provides an excellent load source for diversion load controller's that are used in conjunction with renewable energy systems. Instead of dumping excess energy into a load bank that dissipates as heat this element allows the energy to be placed into the hot water tank. This makes for a warm to hot water available for onboard guests while cruising offshore making the adventure a bit more enjoyable.


    This item is only a replacement heating element and provides no protection for over temperature water that may occur in the hot water heater. To prevent scalding or burning from excessive over temperature hot water you must install other protective devices to prevent these heating elements from producing too much heat into the water.

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    Just what I needed

    <p>I installed this unit about a year ago. I have a six gallon tank and can run it for an hour for good hot water. It draws 23 amps and when the sun is shining it is no problem for the solar panels. I was worried about forgetting it was on so installed a one hour timer on my panel so I just turn on the breaker and turn the timer to my desired minutes and let it go.</p>