Price: $39.00
SKU: CCM34045


    Low-cost, rugged and simple solar charging controller solution. The sealed unit requires no adjustment and works with a nominal 12 volt DC battery system. It can handle up to 4 1/2 amps of solar charging current (approximately 60 W, but check the exact rating of your solar panel). Unit also protects the battery at nighttime from reverse discharge of the solar panel load.

    Key Features and Benefits

    • Series design (not shunt)
    • 100% solid state
    • True 0 to 100% PWM duty cycle
    • Setpoint accuracy to 60 mV
    • Temperature compensation
    • Rated for 25% overloads
    • No need to derate
    • Lightning protected with 1500 W transorbs
    • Self-consumption is 6 mA
    • Fully encapsulated in epoxy potting
    • ABS plastic, impact-resistant case
    • Outdoor rated, Hypalon connecting wires



    More detailed information:
    PDF Operator's Manual

    Data Sheet