Price: $860.00
SKU: SOL39500
Brand: Solarland

    Solarland Solar AC Powerbank 1000W is portable, convenient, quick and easy to install. The AC Powerbank 1000W is very reliable and is maintenance free.

    The AC Powerbank 1000W will allow to adapt the system to meet your requirements.

    Model: SPB-AW-200/1000

    Solarland AC Powerbank 1000 Watt features:

    Solar Panel Power:

    • 500W (2~5pcs 100W)

    Battery Capacity:

    • 200Ah

    Battery Compartment Size:

    • 285*530*285

    AC Output Power:

    • 1000W

    Unit Size:

    • 560*290*480mm

    Working Time:

    • 500W AC load + 10W DC load - 3 to 5 hours


    Solar Powerbank 1000 Watt Information:


    Solarland Powerbank 1000W Specsheet