Price: $449.00
SKU: SOL20220A
Brand: Solarland


    Solarland Smart Power Manager Kit 500W is a compact device integrating DC/AC inverter, solar charge controller and AC charger.

    The Smart Power Manager Inverter-Controller-Charger Integrated Kit can be used to charge your 12V lead-acid battery either by solar panels or grid power power and is ideal for portable power and emergency power situations.

    The Solarland SLNP-E/500-HPK is excellent as an emergency power back-up supply during power outages, and has proved to be an effective power solution in areas with unstable grid power.

    With the Smart Power Manager 500W power bills can be reduced in areas where power costs are very expensive.

    Smart Power Manager Kit SLNP-E500-HPK Features:

    • 1 x Smart Power Manager combines the function of an Inverter, a Solar Charger, an A/C Charger, with DC and USB output
    • 1 x 80W Folding Solar Panel
    • 1 x Small Fan
    • 1 x Light Battery (Not included)

    Manufacturer item# SLNP-E/500-HPK

    Smart Power Manager information:

    PDF Solarland SLNP-E/500-HPK