Price: $812.00
SKU: RFS01900
Brand: Solarland


    Solarland 90 Litre Refrigerator SLAR J90D is a new portable Freezer/Fridge that adopts DC frequency compressor cooling technology and uses environment friendly refrigerant.  

    The Solarland SLAR-J90D Freezer/Fridge features a large storage cubage and comes with a movable extracting basket. 

    The Solarland 90 Litre Refrigerator is working not only with DC 12V/24V; after allocating a power adapter it works with AC 100V-240V.


    Solarland SLAR-J90D Specifications

    Model No. SLAR-J90D
    Capacity 89 Litre
    Power Supply  DC 12V/24V 
    Temperature Range 

    -0.4°F ~ 50°F
    (-18° C ~ 10° C) 

    Dimension 31.69" x 21.26" x 25.39"
    (80.5cm x 54.0cm x 64.5cm)
    Weight 67.24lbs (30.5kg)
    Safety Protections Excess Voltage Protection
    Power Reverse Connect Protection 
    High Temperatrure Protection
    Control Push-button and LED display



    Solarland SLAR J90D information:
    PDF SLAR-J90D Datasheet