Price: $688.75
SKU: RFS01450
Brand: Solarland


    Solarland 45 Litre Refrigerator SLAR J45D Portable Freezer/Fridge brings about rapid refrigeration anywhere you go. 

    The Solarland SLAR-J45D is designed for mobile use and suitable for cooling or refrigerating food and beverages on automobiles and houseboats.

    Solarland Portable Freezer Specifications

    Model No. SLAR-J45D
    Capacity 44 Litre
    Power Supply  DC 12V/24V 
    Temperature Range 

    -0.4°F ~ 50°F
    (-18° C ~ 10° C) 

    Dimension 24.41" x 16.93" x 19.45"
    (62.0cm x 43.0cm x 49.4cm)
    Weight 49.6lbs (22.5kg)
    Safety Protections Excess Voltage Protection
    Power Reverse Connect Protection 
    High Temperatrure Protection
    Control Push-button and LED display


    Solarland Portable Fridge:
    PDF SLAR-J45D Datasheet