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SKU: FSB33289A
Brand: e Marine

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    Solar panels continue to produce high voltages even with a limited amount of sunlight. Solar circuits on board a boat need to be protected with a disconnect to allow safe servicing of equipment.

    e Marine is pleased to be able to offer this installation kit that allows the on board solar circuit to be disconnected from the charge controller. The circuit breaker (s) allows for quick disconnect of the solar panels when you are off the boat providing additional safety. This breaker box comes with a warning /circuit label and connects between the solar panels and the charge controller of the solar system.

    These protection boxes are large enough to accommodate lightning protection devices such as the SPM20115 or SPM20232 

    Available in 15A or 30A versions. CONNECTS ONLY TO A SINGLE CHARGE CONTROLLER.

    Dimensions: 6"W x 9"H x 4"D

    Must be installed in a dry location only.