Price: $34.56
SKU: CCS90020
Brand: Solarland


    SOLARLAND 20A Solar Charge Controller SLC NR2420A designed with industrial grade MCU SCM with high-performance, efficiency and excellent quality. 

    The Solarland SLC-NR2420A is a smart high efficient solar PWM controller.

    Solarland SLC-NR2420A Features:

    • Reverse polarity & high/low voltage battery protection
    • Output current & short circuit protection
    • LED display shows system status at all times
    • ON/OFF load switch at front of controller for convenience


    Solarland 20A Specifications:

     Model No.  SLC-NR2420A
     Rated Voltage 
     Rated Current
     Low Voltage Disconnection 
     10.7V/21.4V ± 0.2V 
     Low Voltage Reconnection
     12.6V/25.2V ± 0.2V
     Over-Voltage Disconnection 
     Over-Voltage Reconnection
     Size  6.61" x 3.46" x 1.34"
     (168mm x 88mm x  34mm)  
     Weight  9.70oz


    More detailed information:
    PDF Solarland SLC-NR2420A Datasheet