Price: $114.00
SKU: ELS10115
Brand: SCAD


    SCAD PT90 Propane Timer Control is a programmable timer that can turn a propane solenoid off after a set amount of time in 10 minute increments up to 90 minutes. While the PT90 was designed for a propane solenoid, it can be used to control other 12 to 24 VDC devices that draw 1 amp or less.

    SCAD PT90 Features:

    • Automatically shuts a propane solenoid off after a set amount of time up to 90 minutes
    • Time is adjustable in 10 minute increments by holding the "On" touch pad;
    • Time indicator light blinks during last 5 minutes;
    • Add more time by touching "On" pad;
    • Touch control;
    • Use as secondary safety measure in addition to manual propane solenoid shut­off switch.
    • Can be use as a shut­off timer for other devices up to one amp.
    SCAD PT90 Timer Control:
    SCAD PT90 Specsheet